Real Estate Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   In North Dakota, how many hours of education do I need before I can have my salesperson's license placed with a supervising broker? 
You'll need 45-hours of certified instruction before a license is issued in your name and sent to your supervising broker. Once your license is issued, you'll have 12 months to get another 15-hours of elective courses (meaning you choose the topics you want). So in total, you will have 60-hours in the 1st year of your real estate practice.

Question:   Is there a test for the 30-hour courses? 
Yes, for the 30-hour course the North Dakota Real Estate Commission requires a 100-question exam. This test is administered at the end of the course. You will have 2-hours to take it and you need to get a 70% or better to pass. If you fail, and have met the requirements of being in attendance for the complete course, you will only have to write the exam over again to get full credit. Remember you have to get at least 70% on your re-write.

Question:   Is there a test for the 15-hour course? 
No test is required for the 15-hour block. This block of instruction is actually 5,three-hour courses. If you are getting your license for the first time, all 5 blocks are MANDATORY in order for you to fulfill your pre-license requirements. Along side you in the class will be existing agents. They will be allowed to take any session or sessions they want for their Continuing Education requirements for North Dakota.

Question:   Do I have to take the 30-hour course before I take the 15-hour course? 
No. There is no rule that the 30-hour course has to come first. However, the 30-hour course is very focused on preparing you for the fundamental knowledge practiced in the world of real estate. The 15-hour course block  is designed to give you a more detailed look at certain aspects of the real estate business. Remember, if your schedule doesn't permit you to attend the total 15-hour block offered by On Going Education, you can take sections of it, if you're willing to pay extra for individual courses. As a new licensee, you must have 45 hours of certified mandated pre-license subjects before your license will be issued to your supervising broker. 

Question:  I want to sell property in Minnesota as well as North Dakota. What must I do? 
As a North Dakota Resident, you will be licensed in North Dakota first. You will have to maintain the educational requirements of North Dakota. However, North Dakota enjoys reciprocity with Minnesota. Therefore, to sell real estate in Minnesota, you will apply for a Minnesota reciprocal license through your North Dakota broker. You will pay a second license fee to the MN Department of Commerce and this will allow you to practice in Minnesota.

Question:   What are the costs to get a salesperson's license in North Dakota? 
If you choose Ongoing Education as your educator, the total cost of the 30-hourcourse is $450.00 and the total cost of the 15-hour course is $250.00. All books and materials are included in your course tuition. You may pay by PayPal, Visa or MasterCard, cash or check. The fee to take the real estate exam is $130.00 through the AMP Testing Service and the fee to apply for your license to the North Dakota Real Estate Commission is $100.00. Before your license is issued, you will pay a one-timeassessment of $20 for the Real Estate Recovery Fund.

Question:   Do I need to have a broker hire me before I start my education? 
No. Some people have spoken in general terms with people in real estate about getting a job, but few have arranged for actual employment. Most brokers will seriously talk to you once you have the license requirements fulfilled.