Real Estate Education

Class Comments:

I took the 30 hour course and found it fantastic!

Awesome job going through and explaining things in a way that was easy to understand and comprehend.  Highly recommend this course to future real estate people.  Thanks so much!

The caring and quality method of teaching helped me and gave me the knowledge that reassured me that I would obtain my goal and pass the test!

Stories, Examples and group discussion made learning much easier.

Loved the class!  Nice Job! Excellent instructor!

We had an amazing teacher.  I enjoyed coming to class each day!

Very informational and enjoyable!  It was engaging and fun!

Theresa knows her stuff and made the class very fun and interesting.  She is awesome!

I very much appreciated the excellent quality of the class and content delivery by the instructor!

I loved it!  It was exciting and fun. This class is a great way to learn.

The instructor and course materials were well organized.  I learned alot.  I liked the "real life" experiences and the teacher.

Thank you for a great job of sharing your expertise!

Great examples to help with understanding the materials.

I had a blast.  Theresa is very knowledgeable and fun to listen to.

The level of the course was just right.

Good Communicator and real life situations were helpful!