Real Estate Education


Prepare for the National Exam with a course designed to master 550 real estate terms. Only $30.00 

North Dakota Real Estate Salesperson Practice Exam. $50.00 

Master Real Estate Terms + North Dakota Real Estate Salesperson Practice Exam $70

The FIVE seminars below are offered in 3-hour segments. You will need a total of 9-hours per year to satisfy your NDREC requirements for Continuing Education.

Real Estate Contracts I   Cost $60.00 (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED) 
Real Estate is driven by contracts. This course examines the most common elements of Listing agreements, Buyer Agency agreements, Showing Contracts and Cancellation Agreements.

You'll get the basic contract skills you'll be required to perform in your professional career. It is intended to focus on the core rudimental aspects of contract crafting.

Whether you perform as a buyer's agent or a seller's agent, your skills in writing and interpreting contract language need to be honed to best serve your client. 

Real Estate Contracts II Cost $60.00 (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
Understanding and utilizing the right forms when assisting buyers and sellers is your fiduciary responsibility. 

This course examines the most common elements of a Residential Purchase Agreement. Plus, you'll exam various real estate Addenda such as a Right of First refusal and a Counter o
Offer form. 

In addition you'll learn about the correct rules and procedures when handling multiple offers.

North Dakota License Law and Administrative Rules  Cost $60.00

Any  real estate pre license and licensed salespersons that does business in this state should be exposed to the unique laws and rules that govern the real estate industry in the state of North Dakota.

This course examines and provides the laws and rules in a simplistic and easy to understand format. 

In addition you'll learn about the correct rules and procedures when handling multiple offers.

During this course there will be case studies to discuss and time for participants to share ideas and thoughts.

Agency Laws & Agency Conflicts  Cost $60.00   Offered in February, April, June, August, October, December)
Your complete understanding of agency law is not to be taken lightly. The courts certainly don't. And the plaintiff's attorney is using agency misrepresentation and undisclosed dual agency as the basis for lawsuits that used to be only about water in the basement or a leaky roof!

Not knowing what to do in a situation is an invitation to get sued. It only takes one wrong action or statement to set up an undisclosed conflict of interest that could cause you to lose your license. See how you do in the case studies presented during this seminar. 

Risk Reduction Measures   Cost $60.00
You have the tools to prevent litigation brought against you and your firm, but do you know how to use them?

You'll examine

Seller's Property Disclosure Statement
Megan's Law disclosure
Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E) report
Water Intrusion & Mold disclosure
Home Inspection contingency
Lead Based Paint addendum plus more!

Get the facts on how to effectively use these to safeguard your client, and yourself. Learn how to legally protect all parties in a transaction from countless hours of legal wrangling over situations that easily could have been avoided.

Ethical Practices & Professional Etiquette in Real Estate 
Cost: $60.00

Can a person improve or even change their ethical behavior? The answer is a resounding YES if you have a chance to study how ethical behavior evolves over a lifetime.

How would you act in certain real estate situations? You'll have a chance to see by partaking in group exercises that won't cause you harm or embarrassment.

Learn to attack an ethical dilemma in a straightforward way. Remember, if you wonder how others might view your decision, you're probably dealing with an ethical challenge.

The final hour of this session gives you vital information on Professional Etiquette in your Real Estate Practice. Learn to do it right!

Refund Policy:

$40 refund per class if written notice is received 10 days before presentation. Otherwise no refund.